Hi, I'm Ajinkya Borade

FrontEnd Developer from Mumbai, India.

It sounds silly that I'd need a goal to prevent me from doing something I know isn't a good idea, but how many times do you eat a third cookie when you know you shouldn't?

I have worked on various Front-end, UI, jQuery projects. Though I'm working on frontend web designing. My heart just keeps falling for some of the greatest web development languages; AngularJS, NodeJS.


FrontEnd UI/UX Web Designer.


I can create semantic HTML5 webpages; they will be perfectly search engine optimized. With HTMl5/CSS3 praising never ends.


My main career aim is to grow deeper into JavaScript. "I'm not someone who seeks the limelight, I'm a behind the scenes kinda guy. That said, a lot of the credit going to HTML5 should be going to me." - Javascript

Whats next!

Since I love JavaScript, I'm a great fan of AngularJS (an amazing MVC by Google). I want to be a MEANstack developer, imrpove my NodeJS and keep digging JavaScript as much I can.


My hobbies

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Below is some of my fine work.

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Goregaon East,
Mumbai 400063,

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