Im getting MEAN

First blog post, and here is my update on my favorite MEANstack

Posted by on 17 Apr 2015

#Im getting MEAN

Today, I started updating my blog on, previously I used to maintain


My all time favorite NodeJs, how can I stop myself from writing about it. Finally I could say I can create my own REST api using MEAN stack. I will be updating this post with my github source code soon. Below plugins I’m using to create my first ever MEAN project.

  • Express
  • Mongoose
  • Morgan, body-parser
  • AngularJs

My aim here is create CRUD app for now, and upgrade it with some neat PassportJs authentication in coming days. Oh, did I tell you I just finished assembling my Raspberry Pi.

raspberry pi 2

Update: I have started working on my MEAN stack project, its NodeJs based authentication application. You can view the progress and source code here :

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