Create a Jekyll Blog like a Ninja

Video on creating Jekyll blog and host it on Github

Posted by on 22 Apr 2015

#Create a jekyll blog and host it on github like a ninja

Learn to develope your own Blogging system, easier than Wordpress. And host it for free on Github. You can join the entire course videos Click Here and its all free.

We will convert a static HTML5 website into a dynamic blog using Jekyll, which is a Ruby gem. You dont have to know ruby programming, only basic HTML/CSS knowledge is needed. You will also learn how to connect domain name to your website and how to host website on Github for free. Jekyll is faster than WordPress and easier to learn.

Jekyll blog video course

Learn how to create your Content Management System Use Github as your free hosting server We will also create email capture pages, contact page.

Sick of dealing with hosting companies? We will learn how to use Github as our free hosting to run our Jekyll powered blog.

Connect custom domain names to your website Search Engine Optimization for our Blog


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